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With the community taking the lead, reimagine clear and enduring changes within systems and communities to improve African - American women's access to and use of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

The data is alarming

  • The variation in the five-year survival rate for Black women is 20 percent lower than for white women

  • Black women with late-stage breast cancer have a 58 percent survival rate compared to 81 percent for white women

  • Black women have the highest breast cancer mortality rates of all racial and ethnic groups

A four phased project 

Phase 1  Brainstorm gaps in the  to breast cancer continuum of care for Black women: Completed

Phase 2  Survey African-American community members & Healthcare providers: Completed

Phase 3  Radical collaboration and community co-design model implementations: Completed

Phase Four 

TRANSFORM the messages and education about breast cancer screening into a community movement that endures over time.

EMPLOY the community co-design model so the movement is community inspired, led, and sustained



Live, Laugh, and Learn Community Gathering 

Live Laugh Learn 2023 will be a fun, music-filled education and screening event.  The Breast Cancer Gaps Project and the Minnesota-Spokesman Recorder sponsor it.  We expect to have over 200 women of African Heritage attend.

Men Matter, Too

Using the Community Co-Design process, this prototype will test ways Black men can promote mammography screening to the women they love.  Through metrics from our messaging prototype and anecdotal conversations, we learned there’s a potential for men to change the mortality rate by urging Black women to get a mammogram.

Dr. Lashonda Soma

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