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Black women in Minnesota have a 41 percent higher mortality rate from breast cancer than White women.


It has called us to ACT. 

Community Commitment   

Through inspired collaboration, Black communities across the Twin Cities lead the charge and partner with health systems and local groups to increase breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.   It’s time to talk about breast health.  

Self-care isn’t selfish. 


What Can YOU Do?
  • Get a Mammogram

  • Knowing is better than fearing.

  • You deserve peace of mind.

  • A mammogram can save your life.

  • Share this message with family and friends.

  • Put yourself first. For them. For you.

Dr. Lashonda Soma on why this work is important  

Want to learn more and be involved? Reach out to us!
Project Administrators:
Pat Koppa
Kris Newcomer

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