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We are motivated to save Black women's lives from breast cancer through community-led innovations



  • Listen to the voices of Black women and healthcare providers to understand and define core issues around breast cancer mortality in Black women.

  • Ensure that GAPS guiding principles are at the heart of all interactions.

  • Use innovative co-design with Black community leaders, advocates, and systems reps to design replicable prototypes.

  • Build community engagement and momentum by nurturing public, private, and community partnerships for insight, access, and funding.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Gratitude


Due to their strategic commitment to addressing racial and health inequities in Minnesota, Blue Cross provided GAPS funding and have been actively engaged in the GAPS Advisory Team, the co-design processes/events, and internal communication to their staff and members.  We thank them for ongoing financial support, for their creativity, and for caring about community.

Community Support Team
Contact Information:

GAPS Co-Director  Kris Newcomer, KLN Consulting

Gaps Co-Director Pat Koppa, Publ
ic Health Consultants, LLC

Strategic Direction Contractor: Whitney Terrill

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