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Our  Community

Community Co- Design begins with empathy and listening.  There are two teams, each with an important role. The Ideation Team  takes all the data and experiences they have to ask a create a list of ideas and questions. These are then handed off to the Co-Design Team whose task it is to used their lived experiences to develop prototypes to test. 

Ideation Team
  • Angelina Anderson Hennepin Healthcare

  • Barb Post MPLS Health Dept. Ret.

  • Luella William Breast Cancer Advocate

  • Natasha Hollewell VA Medical Clinics

  • Nikki  Kuchenmeister Sage Screening MDH

  • Paula Indehar  Healthpartners 

     Community Co-Design Team 
  • Adrienne Jordan The Prouty Project 

  • Luella William Breast Cancer Advocate

  • Whitney Terrill 

  • Natasha Hollewell VA Medical Clinics

  • Pat Leonard St. Mary's University

  • Dr. Lashonda Soma, Healthpartners

  • Paula Indehar Healthpartners

  • Angie Pokharel Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Kate Garvey Hansen Hennepin HealthCare

Our Facilitator
Jess  Roberts


Jess Roberts leads the CULTURE OF HEALTH BY DESIGN initiative, an affiliated initiative of the Minnesota Design Center (University of Minnesota, College of Design). In this role, Mr. Roberts offers Human Centered Design (HCD) expertise, guidance, applied learning, and on‐going support to healthcare organizations, government agencies, non-profits and communities looking for new ways to approach persistent and complex problems, with an emphasis on co-design and shared power structures. Mr. Roberts is currently an Affiliate Faculty member at the University of Minnesota, School of Nursing and School of Public Health where he leads the development and delivery of cross-disciplinary HCD and co-design curriculum.

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