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GAPS Leadership and Structure
Black community leaders inspire, lead, and sustain the GAPS Project.  These volunteers are committed to creating community-led action and momentum. 

GAPS Advisory Team
With collective insights and lived experiences, the Advisory Team spurs Black community engagement and clinic partnerships to increase mammography screening and breast health education.
Live Laugh Learn
Live Laugh Learn 2023 will be a fun, music-filled education, and screening event.  It’s sponsored by the Breast Cancer Gaps Project and the Minnesota-Spokesman Recorder.  Over 200 women of African Heritage are expected to attend. 
Granada Theater  Saturday, September 30 from 12-3pm


Men Matter, Too Team


Using design thinking, this team creates prototypes that answer the question:  How can Black men have life-saving conversations with women about breast health?


Health Care Partnerships


Several community clinics and health systems are testing the GAPS education videos in Black patient rooming and electronic medical records. 

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