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Educational Videos

We invite you to use our videos.  Your organizational logo can be placed at the end of the videos with the GAPS logo for use in messaging and social media.


 Please comment on the videos in the contact box below.  Your feedback is valuable.

Men Matter Too: Courageous Conversations about Breast Cancer Video

1-4 Minute Videos



Facing Fear                                                                  1:25


Screening is Important                                               1:22


Mammogram: What to Expect                                   2:45


30-55 Second Videos Breast Health



If You Find a Lump                                                      0:55


Breast Pain                                                                   0:51


Nipple Discharge                                                         0:52


Why/When to Get Mammograms                             0:50


Mammograms Save Lives                                           0:46


30-55 Second Videos Myth and Misconceptions



A Mammogram is Painful                                            0:44


Young Women Don't Need Them                              0:38


Not Knowing is Better                                                  0:36


Mammograms Cause Cancer                                      0:34


Everything Found is Cancerous                                   0:54


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