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GAPS Prototypes 

We Matter: Get Screened Showcase

We Matter: Promoting mammography among Black women, a video campaign to remind women that they matter to their friends, family, and community. 

See Videos Here


Men Matter Too

How can young Black men normalize life-saving conversations about breast health with the women they love?  


Using design thinking, the team created a video and conversation guide for Black men. 

This will be replicated with sports teams, fraternities, and men’s community groups.

GAPS Advisory Team 

Bringing strategic thinking and lived experience, the Advisory Team spurs Black community
engagement and clinic partnerships to increase mammography screening and breast health

Live, Laugh and Learn 

The inaugural LIVE LAUGH LEARN event was organized in partnership with Sister Spokesman and the MN Spokesman-Recorder.  It featured education, entertainment, Black vendors, prizes, awards, healthcare participation, and fun networking.
Throughout the day, attendees were urged to get a mammogram and to share screening messages with their friends, colleagues, and family.


Watch this site for more info on the 2024 event!



Healthcare Partners 

Neighborhood HealthSource: Using videos and print collateral produced by the Breast Cancer GAPS Project (GAPS), Neighborhood Healthsource (NHS) and GAPS partnered on a three-month campaign to increase mammography rates through messaging and process improvement. Multiple promotional platforms were tested for outreach.


HHC Brooklyn Park Clinic uses the GAPS “What to Expect” and “Myths” videos in patient rooming and through the MyChart system, as well as community outreach.  This qualitative improvement (QI) project is facilitated by a DNP student at St. Catherine University, partnering with the clinic manager.


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